Bravado FAQ

How It Works

Bravado is the first community of sales professionals obsessed with doing right by their customers. So, we’ve built the only operating system for sales professionals that’s powered by trust.

What does that look like? Join our Community of the brightest minds in sales to ask questions, learn, network, and grow your career. Our Marketplace lets you make connections to your clients to earn additional income from your network. And our Mentorship program lets you take part in mentoring the next generation of sales.


What is the Bravado Community?

The Bravado Community is virtual space for sales professionals to get access to exclusive sales content, conversation, and networking opportunities in the sales industry. It’s free to join and members get access just by signing up for Bravado.

How do I use the Bravado Community?

The Bravado Community is organized by topics, which can also be thought of as tags. You can follow as many different topics as you like, including Sales Training, Closing, and Diversity and Inclusion in sales. Engage with content by giving a post or comment a “Bravo”. Use the Bravado Community to work as a resource for all things sales!

Can anyone post content in the Bravado Community?

Yes! We encourage all members to engage in a way that’s most valuable to them, whether it’s asking questions, posting their own POV on topics, or simply engaging with others’ content. Think of this as a highly-collaborative environment just for sales professionals. (We also have some hilarious content on the community exclusive to Bravado members!)


What is a Warm Intro?

A Warm Intro is a sales relationship introduction made on the Bravado network. Companies request an intro into a target account on Bravado. Bravado matches Sales Experts who have indicated on their Bravado Portfolios they have connections into those accounts. From there, Sales Experts can create Warm Intro Offers to make the introduction into the target account.

What is a Bravado Portfolio?

A Bravado Portfolio is a dossier of your work as a sales professional. The anatomy of a Bravado Portfolio is straightforward and tells a complete story:

  • Clients - Let people know your industry expertise. Include clients you are excited to make Warm Intros to and be eligible for more opportunities to make money!
  • Testimonials - Sell through the words of your customers. Include testimonials from happy clients to increase your chances of nabbing Warm Intro opportunities.
  • Content - Spoke on a podcast? Starting a video series? Upload your full body of work and let companies looking for introductions know how deep your knowledge of sales goes.
How do I make sure I am in the best position for Warm Intro Opportunities?

We strongly suggest keeping your Bravado Portfolio up to date with current clients and testimonials to ensure all Warm Intro Opportunities are relevant to you.

Why can’t I see who the requesting company is?

Bravado wants to protect the Requestor and ensure privacy for companies seeking introductions. You will have an opportunity for discovery with the Requestor during Vetting and to determine if you wish to move forward with making a Warm Intro.

What if my contact isn’t the correct title?

You will have an opportunity to discuss your contact and relationship context with the Requestor during Vetting, and determine if it still makes sense to continue with the Warm Intro Opportunity.

What do I do if my contact has moved companies?

If you are solicited for a Warm Intro Opportunity and you no longer have a connection at the Target Account, you are not required to move forward. We strongly suggest keeping your Bravado Portfolio up to date with current clients and testimonials to ensure all Warm Intro Opportunities are relevant to you.

I don’t feel comfortable recommending a person or product I don’t know - what should I do?

You will always have the opportunity for Vetting. Vetting is initiated when the Requestor accepts the Sales Expert’s Warm Intro Offer. A chat thread is created at the bottom of the request where the Sales Expert and Requestor are encouraged to introduce themselves, strategize, and determine if its a good person/product fit. If you do not find that it’s a good fit after Vetting, you have the option to decline the Warm Intro opportunity. If you choose to move forward after Vetting, you will learn the identity of the Requestor and be provided with all the information necessary to make a successful introduction. Please note: All companies are vetted by Bravado. You are always in control, and can opt out of making the introduction at any time.

What happens if I don’t think the Requestor is a good fit?

After you have a Vetting with your Requestor, you have the option to decide if you want to move forward with making a Warm Intro.

I am worried about how my client will feel about this?

Bravado provides Sales Experts with extensive information about the organizations you have an opportunity to make Warm Offers to. If after gathering information and speaking with your client you do not think it’s a fit, you can stop the Warm Offer process at any point. You have complete control over your network and the introductions you make.

Do I need to talk with my boss/company?

This depends on whether or not your Warm Intro Offers are made to your full-time employer or not. If you are making an introduction to a company you’ve worked with in the past, then that relationship is yours!

Is this a full-time job offer?

No - Bravado Warm Intros are part-time opportunities to create additional income. Bravado empowers Sales Experts to make introductions to contacts in their networks and get paid for it. It’s a great way to leverage your past sales experience and relationships. You control how many hours you work and keep 100% of what you earn - and you can earn $400 to $1,200 per intro.

How much does Bravado make from the transaction?

Bravado’s take rate is 10% of the Warm Intro fee, paid by the Requestor.

What if I don’t want to get paid?

We see Warm Intros as a way for Sales Experts to make additional income by leveraging their existing networks. This is a viable, repeatable channel for sales professionals who want to take control of their careers and earning potential. To maintain that as an option for Bravado members, we require all intros to have a fee attached to them. You can choose what you do with your fee - but all Sales Experts who make a successful introduction can expect to get paid.

Can I make a Warm Intro if I’m not in the United States?

Yes! All Warm Intros require a Vetting, or a chat thread which is created at the bottom of the request where the Sales Expert and Requestor are encouraged to introduce themselves, strategize, and determine if its a good person/product fit. During Vetting, you and the Requestor can decide if your region will be a deciding factor in the opportunity.

I’m a buyer who wants Warm Intros into target accounts. How do I get started?

The process for gathering Warm Intros as a buyer is simple. After you’ve completed an onboarding questionnaire, our concierge team will ensure you are ready to start submitting Warm Intro offers for sales professionals on Bravado. If you are a buyer looking to get involved in the Warm Intro marketplace, please email


What is the Bravado Mentorship program?

Bravado Mentorship offers an opportunity for sales professionals to mentor college students and young professionals who are interested in building a career in sales. Did you know that out of thousands of colleges and universities in the United States, fewer than 100 have any kind of formal sales academia or training? We created Bravado Mentorship to help bridge the gap between where education stops and a career in sales begins.

How do I participate in Bravado Mentorship?

In order to be considered for Bravado Mentorship, you must submit an application. You are able to indicate if you prefer to apply as a mentor or mentee; mentors tend to have 5+ years of experience in sales, and mentees are either students or young professionals who have been in sales less than 2 years. Once you have been accepted into the program, we match you with a mentor or mentee, and you go through our 6-month program which is guided by Bravado content and Masterclass events.

Who do you partner with?

Bravado has relationships with Duke, UC Berkeley, Chico State, and dozens of other colleges and universities across the country. We also work with sales training and career development programs like Flockjay and Vendition to ensure we provide mentorship opportunities to students and young professionals alike.

What’s a Masterclass event?

Bravado Masterclass events feature sales leaders who speak on specific topics in a livestream format. It’s available exclusively to participants in the mentorship program as learning and development, and fodder for conversations between mentors and mentees.

How do I apply?

Visit and submit an application to be a mentor or mentee.