Bravado Flex for Businesses

What is Bravado Flex?

Bravado Flex is the world’s first freelance sales marketplace. Hire the top sales professionals without the cost or time required for full time employees.

Who is Flex for?

Flex is designed for companies of all sizes and stages. Whether you’re a mature sales team who is looking to increase pipeline while driving down COGS, or a fresh startup looking to figure out your GTM strategy. Flex is flexible.

How Do You Guarantee I’m Working With Top Sales Professionals?

Bravado only admits the top 3% of our 400,000+ sales community into active Flex roles. To qualify, reps must prove they have a track record of overachieving quota, deep client rolodex, experience in scaling revenue, and testimonials from peers and clients.

Why Did Bravado Build Flex?

  • Sales is fundamentally broken.

  • Companies are frustrated at missed quotas and poor performance.

  • Buyers are exasperated and drowning in spam.

  • The old model of “hire a bunch of SDRs and AEs to scale revenue” simply isn’t working anymore.

    We’re crazy enough to think that if it’s broken, maybe we should fix it. This is a radically different concept that we’ve been testing with thousands of sellers and hundreds of companies over the past 6+ years.

    We’re confident it will work better for you too.